5GATEWAYS ebook (interactive pdf)
5Gateways - a profound spiritual routemap by Open
Angelicious eBook

Angelicious interactive eBook pdf.

Ascension Meditation by Openhand
A powerful audio meditation to help you let go and allow in the Ascension energies of higher consciousness.
Breakthrough ebook (interactive pdf)

BREAKTHROUGH: divine revelations by Open

Celestial Journey Meditation with Trinity Bourne
A celestial meditation journey with Trinity Bourne.
DIVINICUS ebook (interactive pdf)
Divinicus - rise of the divine human Ebook (interactive pdf version) by Open
Everyday Soul Massage Meditation
An everyday meditation for finding balance and calm as the soul massages through every fibre of your being...
Healing the Wounded Dragon Meditation
A deeply moving meditation designed to help us heal the divine masculine.
Higher Paradigm Meditation by Openhand
An 'Ascension Activation' meditation to take us into the Higher Paradigm.
Mists of Avalon Meditation by Openhand
A meditation to move through the density of the lower paradigm and into a higher vibration, one chakra at a time.
Releasing Entities Meditation by Openhand
A guided mediation to help clear the energies that allow entities to manifest in our energy field.
SAMPLE BOOK 'Trinity's Conscious Kitchen'
A free pdf sample book of Trinity's Conscious Kitchen to take a sneak peek at a random selection of the pages within...
Trinity's Conscious Kitchen PDF